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This recipe is a very tasty way (!) of getting in some protein, calcium and phytonutrients, crucial for dancer’s bones and muscles. Making your own at home means you can adapt a recipe to suit. The blueberries add sweetness, so this cheesecake has less than half the added sugar content compared to typical shop brought versions. A slice of this cheesecake makes an excellent snack after a day of classes and rehearsals!

Serves 8



100g ground almonds, 75g oats, 25g honey, 25g margarine (melted)


500g quark (or ricotta), 2 eggs, 150g fat free Greek yoghurt, 1 tbsp. cornflour, 65g honey, 1 tsp. vanilla

extract, 200g blueberries.


  1. In a blender, whizz together the almonds and the oats. Then add the honey and melted margarine and whizz again (you can also mix by hand).

  2. Using a medium size cake tin, press the mixture firmly into the base, creating an even layer. Place in the fridge until the filling is prepared.

  3. Mix together the filling ingredients (leaving the blueberries until the end), either in a blender or a spoon. Once fully combined, add half the blueberries.

  4. Take the cake tin from the fridge, then pour on the blueberry filling. Add the remaining blueberries on top (pushing them down gently into the filling) then pop in the oven on 1600C for 40-45 minutes (it should be firm, but with a very slight wobble!).

  5. Leave to cool, then remove from the tin and serve.

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