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Any injury is stressful for a dance student, but not knowing what the injury is increases that stress enormously.  Without an appropriate diagnosis, effective treatment is delayed.  We are now able to refer these students, via their GP, directly to the dance specialist teams at the NIDMS clinics, who have the expertise and understanding to deal swiftly, sympathetically and appropriately with any dance related injury issue.  Without exception, the feedback we have received from students on their experiences has been excellent.  It’s difficult to quantify the value of this resource, without which the progress of some of these talented young dancers would have been stalled and even, in some cases, brought to an end. 


I would strongly recommend that all dance schools/companies should make themselves aware of the services of the NIDMS clinics and ensure that their students/dancers understand the procedure they should follow to gain access to them.  Whatever level of support is offered to students/dancers, the addition of NIDMS is an enhancement that cannot be ignored.

I just wanted to say thank you to dance UK for all your help with my injury!

I saw Dr Gregory at the Birmingham clinic yesterday, and she was extremely helpful. 

After having very bad experiences trying to find help for Laurie's injuries I came across the NIDMS clinic. They have been so helpful and friendly. The referral process was very quick and easy.  It's finally good to know she is in the right hands

When I came to the clinic I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to professionally dance because we weren't sure if my feet was going to be able to maintain me for it. But since coming to the clinic, now being able to professionally dance is a major possibility for me... so it's opened up a lot of things for me to do

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