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Financial support for additional rehabilitation


The Dance Professionals Fund (the working name of the Royal Ballet Benevolent Fund) aims to support people in the dance world throughout their lives.  The Dance Professionals Fund wishes to support NIDMS’ aims to improve access to specialist healthcare for dancers.

If you are a professional dancer, choreographer or teacher who has worked for five years or more with UK dance companies or as an independent dance artist then you may be eligible for financial help from the Dance Professionals Fund towards necessary treatment and rehabilitation.

The Dance Professionals Fund appreciates that aftercare is essential in order to attain full fitness to resume your professional career. If you require further private treatment or rehabilitation to complement that which is provided at the NIDMS NHS dance injury clinics, enquire to the Dance Professionals Fund without delay. It’s particularly important to do so before commencing any private treatment, as they may not be able to consider retrospective applications.


Visit the Dance Professionals Fund website for more information on how to apply.

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