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Have a browse through our frequently asked questions (FAQ's). If you can't find the answer you're looking for, email

  • Can I choose which hospital my GP refers me to?

Yes, you can request that you are referred to any hospital and specific Consultant/Specialist team that you feel will provide the best treatment for you, including any of the NHS dance injury clinics.  Please refer to the NHS Choices website for further information.  There may be exceptions to this if you live in Wales or Scotland and wish to referred to a hospital in England.

  • My GP won't refer me to the dance injury clinic, what can I do?

Please see the above question regarding your right to choose where you receive treatment. Impress upon the GP that you are a dancer and that an injury significantly impacts upon your training and/or career and therefore your ability to earn a living. Referral to the dance injury clinic may also be more cost effective for your GP in the long term as you will receive the correct care for your dance needs.  If required, please refer your GP to the GP information page, or ask them to call the NIDMS Manager on 0207 940 9804 who will be happy to discuss the referral process with them.

  • How are the NHS Dance Injury Clinics funded?


The service is funded via the CCG, not NHS England, however it is likely to still be cost effective for GP's in the long run to use the NHS Dance Injury Clinics as the dancer will receive the appropriate care. Multiple cases have demonstrated that when dancers are originally seen by their local secondary care provider this does not resolve their issue or it is not resolved in a timely manner, and ultimately costs the CCG more money with unnecessary extra appointments and referrals. 

  • Are the clinics secondary or tertiary services?

Both. We receive referrals from both Primary care and from Secondary care

  • Do you take work placements/medical observerships?

We currently offer doctors and physiotherapists who are post registration limited observership opportunities in one of our healthcare settings; Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Royal United Hospital, Trinity Laban Health or Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Jerwood Centre for the Prevention and Treatment of Dance Injuries. Please visit our education page for more details.

Placements are sometimes available within the health team at One Dance UK. Please note that this would be predominantly office based work but will provide an insight into the health work being carried out by NIDMS and One Dance UK. Please visit our education page for more details.

  • I am interested in studying/working in dance science, where can I do this?

NIDMS partners Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and University of Wolverhampton both offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate level studies in dance science. There are also a number of courses offered across the UK, as well as internationally. If you are a clinician you may be interested in courses at Queen Mary's University London or University College London. For more information on available courses please visit our education page and One Dance UK's resources.

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