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The National Institute would welcome feedback on its medical provision, whether via the NHS or its private partners. Feedback on your experience in getting a GP referral, if the referral has been made more than 6 weeks earlier and you still haven't heard from the hospital regarding an appointment, or the actual consultation and treatment, would be especially beneficial in helping us provide a relevant and professional service to the dance community.


"Everyone involved via NIDMS in helping us work out what to do (and how to do it), including the various medical and admin personnel at Dance UK, NIDMS and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, have been courteous, timely and really wanted to help. It was a positive experience. Before this we didn't know who she should see or who would have the necessary dance expertise to treat her"

- Parent of Vocational Dance Student.

Thank you for your feedback!

Dr Roger Wolman (NIDMS NHS Clinic) and dancer Andry Oporia at the NIDMS launch event. Photo: Rick Senley
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