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National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science is indebted to the following organisations for their support of our activities. 

The Jerwood Charitable Foundation 

The Jerwood Charitable Foundation (JCF) was the first to commit to NIDMS in 2008 recognising it as a genuinely ground-breaking research project. JCF is dedicated to imaginative and responsible revenue funding of the arts, supporting artists to develop and grow at important stages in their careers. It works with artists across art forms, from dance and theatre to literature, music and the visual arts. The Jerwood Charitable Foundation was founded in 1999 by the Jerwood Foundation with an endowment gift of £25 million. The Jerwood Foundation, which awards strategic capital grants, made a major contribution to the founding of the Jerwood Centre for the Prevention and Treatment of Dance Injuries in 2001. To find out more about how the Jerwood Charitable Foundation supports projects in the Arts click here

Harlequin Floors

Harlequin Floors brings more than three decades of experience working closely with the dance community to gain important insights into critical factors that work toward a safer work environment for dancers. Because the dance floor is such an essential and important part of the dancer’s work environment, ensuring the quality is as good as can be achieved.  Harlequin understands that choosing the correct floor for dance is important for health, safety and artistic performance.  For dancers at all levels, the floor is where dancers will spend most of their time and they should to be able to express their dance movements without the fear of injury through slipping or falling. Harlequin has built up an enviable global reputation as experts in floors for dance and the performing arts with a range of sprung floors underlying a specially formulated vinyl dance surface help protect dancers from injury due to otherwise hard floors. To find out more about how Harlequin Floors supports dance click here


With thanks also to the Theatrical Management Association / Society of London Theatres and Trinity College London for their generous donations as well as numerous individuals who donated via The Big Give as part of the Christmas Challenge 2010 and to Tony Shepherd and those who sponsored his 2012 London Marathon run in aid of dancers’ health. Thanks also to ADAllen Pharma Ltd & D3 Vitamin LLP who sponsored the NIDMS Launch reception.


Dance Again Foundation


National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science was supported in the formation of the Bath NHS dance injury clinic, launched in October 2014, by the Dance Again Foundation. 

Dance Again Foundation is a charity that was set up by Dr Julian Widdowson and Celia Widdowson to help dancers return to the stage as soon as possible after injury.  The drive for creating this charity followed the remarkable recovery of Jack Widdowson who suffered a serious neck injury in 2011, which threatened not only his dance career, but his life.  Through early intervention and rehabilitation, he was able to return to a career in dance and is now a soloist in a major European ballet company.  Jack’s experience inspired his family and friends to ensure the same treatment, support and rehabilitation is available to all dancers . This includes support from specialist dance and sports medicine experts, the creation of bespoke programmes of physiotherapy, dance, and strength and conditioning treatment, and help with motivation.  To find out more about Dance Again Foundation’s work click here

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