Barts NHS & QMUL Emergency Dance Injury Clinic

Mile End Hospital

Mile End Hospital, Bancroft Road, London, E1 4DG

Founded in partnership with NIDMS

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If you are a dancer (student or professional), teacher or choreographer you are eligible to use this service if:

  • You have experienced a serious injury in the last 72 hours that requires immediate attention

  • Your injury requires urgent medical diagnosis or treatment.


If you have an injury that does not require urgent medical diagnosis/treatment even if you have an upcoming performance, it is not appropriate to use this service (if the NHS deems the service to have been used inappropriately or abused it may be withdrawn entirely). The alternative is to seek a referral to the London NHS Dance Injury Clinic at same location or use the One Dance UK Healthcare Practitioners Directory to locate a private dance-specialist practitioner in your area.


How to be referred?


You will need to report to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments at either of these hospitals:


Royal London Hospital

Whitechapel Rd,

Whitechapel, London E1 1BB


Newham University Hospital NHS Trust,

Glen Rd,

London E13 8SL


You will be assessed to make sure there is no need for immediate care, and if not, 

you will then be referred on to Mile End Hospital for further assessment and management.

Please do not use the NHS Dance Injury Emergency clinic if your injury is not medically urgent. If this service is used incorrectly the hospital may revoke the relationship and this valuable service will no longer be available for dancers who really need it.


For conditions not requiring urgent treatment please go to the Dance Injury clinic or contact or call 020 7940 9804 for more advice.

What to expect at A&E

Please inform staff on arrival at the hospital that you are a dancer that requires assessment and referral on to the dance injury clinic in collaboration with QMUL. You will undergo an initial assessment as per normal A&E procedures and then referred on. Should you require an xray this will be completed at A&E first.

If you have not heard from the clinic in a few days please follow up on the below contact details;

Clinic secretary details


0208 223 8518 – Susan Lawrence

0208 223 8408 – Deborah Hession


What to expect at your first dance injury clinic appointment 

Your appointment will take place at Mile End Hospital, Bancroft Road, London,           E1 4DG You will be seen at the dance injury clinic. 

If you have any problems or questions regarding your referral please contact the NIDMS Manager on: 020 7940 9804 or 

About the Barts & QMUL clinic

The Sports Medicine clinic at Mile End Hospital is staffed by highly qualified and experienced staff. It is part of the Bart’s Health NHS Trust. There are clinical sessions on Monday and Thursday afternoons.  Staff include Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultants, Physiotherapists, and Podiatrists.  There are regular multi-disciplinary meetings where complex cases are assessed and discussed by these staff as well as Radiologists and Orthopaedic Surgeons.  The clinics have post-graduate students of Sport and Exercise Medicine attending, as part of a master’s programme run by the Centre of Sport and Exercise Medicine.  The Centre is a world-renowned research unit which publishes regularly on aspects of Dance Medicine, as well as all other aspects of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Meet the team

Dr Dylan Morrissey

Reader in SEM, Consultant Physiotherapist & Academic lead for SEM  

Role in Department:

Academic Lead

NIHR/HEE Consultant Physiotherapist

Research interests:

The link between movement and pathology

Pathways, Clinical Reasoning and AI

Clinical Trials

Paralympic Sport

Mr Trevor Prior

Senior Clinical Lecturer & Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

Role in Department:

MDT Sports Injuries Clinic

Certificate in Podiatric Sports Medicine joint clinical lead

Podiatric Sports injuries joint module lead

Research Projects supervisor

Personal Tutor

Research interests:

Lower limb biomechanics

Rowing mechanics

3D gait analysis

Dr Nikos Malliaropoulos

Senior Clinical Lecturer & Consultant in SEM 

Role in Department:

Senior Clinical Lecturer

Module Co Lead

Research Project Supervisor

Graduate of the department, link to ECOSEP

Research Interests:

Hamstring Injuries

Judo, Athletics


Ultrasound Imaging

Dr Dev Pyne

Consultant Rheumatologist/Clinical Lead

Dr D Pyne is Clinical Lead for Rheumatology with an interest in sports injuries. He is Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer In Sports and Exercise. He lectures on the Sports MSc and is responsible for the running of the weekly Sports Clinics within the rheumatology department at Mile End Hospital

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