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Barts NHS & QMUL Dance Injury Clinic

Mile End Hospital

Mile End Hospital, Bancroft Road, London, E1 4DG

Founded in partnership with NIDMS

How can I get an appointment?

  • You must be aged 16 years or over and a professional dancer, dance student, teacher or choreographer.

  • You have an acute (short term) or chronic (long term) injury that is affecting/preventing your ability to participate in dance.

  • You must first visit your GP, explain your injury and that you are a dancer, teacher, or choreographer and would benefit from dance-specialist treatment. As an NHS patient it is your legal right to choose where you would like to be referred.

  • Your GP will refer you to your chosen NHS Dance Injury clinic using the information below. Please print this information or show this information on your phone during your GP appointment to help them make the referral. 

  • *Please note this service is a Secondary service, not Tertiary. This is an NHS service and it is free at the point of use.  


Referral options/details

  • GP referral can be made through email to the clinic secretary at 

  • GP referrals can also be made electronically via the NHS Advice and Guidance service on the e-referral system using the search option: Sports & Dance Injuries - Rheumatology (MEH) - Barts Health NHS Trust - R1H

  • For acute injuries that require URGENT medical attention dancers may report to the emergency department/Minor Injuries Unit at The Royal London Hospital. Referrals to the dance injury clinic from the emergency department can be made through a Powerchart consult message to Dr Sivanadian Mani-Babu. If your injury is not acute and sustained in the last 72 hours, please visit your GP and use the above referral information.


Referrals can also be made by Consultants and Medical Specialists from other hospitals. These can be done via letter, fax or email.​


Your appointment will take place at Rheumatology Outpatients, Mile End Hospital, Bancroft Road, London, E1 4DG.


Helpful phone numbers and email:

  • Main hospital switchboard phone number: 020 7377 7000

  • Rheumatology Administration Team phone number: 020 8223 8341

  • Rheumatology Administration Team e-mail:


Full postal details

Dr Sivanadian Mani-Babu, Sport and Exercise Medicine Clinic, Rheumatology Department, Mile End Hospital, Bancroft Rd, London E1 4DG


If you have any problems or questions regarding your referral please contact the NIDMS Manager on: 020 7940 9804 or 

About the Barts & QMUL clinic

The Sports Medicine clinic at Mile End Hospital is staffed by highly qualified and experienced staff. It is part of the Bart’s Health NHS Trust. Staff include Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultants, Physiotherapists, and Podiatrists.  There are regular multi-disciplinary meetings where complex cases are assessed and discussed by these staff as well as Radiologists and Orthopaedic Surgeons.  The clinics have post-graduate students of Sport and Exercise Medicine attending, as part of a master’s programme run by the Centre of Sport and Exercise Medicine.  The Centre is a world-renowned research unit which publishes regularly on aspects of Dance Medicine, as well as all other aspects of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Our Team

The Barts NHS Trust  / Queen Mary University London NIDMS Clinical Team

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